CREATED BY Terence Tolman @TWTdip

CODED BY @JohnCeceri

Slap Friends combines the fun of collecting your favorite game avatars with a wearable twist!
Plus it's your controller!


Inspired by games like QWOP and Gang Beasts were half the fun is figuring out how to control a seemingly uncontrollable thing we knew we wanted very fluid movements that hit the sweet spot between giving the player a perceived level of control while still being silly and unwieldy.

SLAP FRIENDS is a 2 player physical slap fight simulator that combines motion control with an adorable plushy wearable character! Watch the video below to find out more!



Choose your favorite  character! There are 6 more on the way! Each with their own
Wear - A - Buddy
They will all be ready all in time for GDC! 2016

Lightweight accelerometers turn our  custom fashionable hat characters into functional game controlling puppets! 


I looked at awesome games like Push Me Pull You and Realistic Kissing simulator among other "wet-noodle" or "rag-doll" games and while they had the look I wanted as far as a flat cartoon asthetic I was very adamant about having art along the LENTH of the characters arms and a 2D engine would not deform the right way so we went with Unity and just made a mesh and slapped a texture on it! (pun intended). We simply used an orthographic camera and flat "toon" shader and you would never know it was 3D!